Thursday, 25 June 2009

Will, Danny and The Rowe Household.

It turns out the Rowe household is bountiful in terms of entertainment...

Table Tennis.

Static cycling.

Rock climbing.



Cows/being in MGMT.


This is Danny on a unicycle.


Last friday saw the end or an era. The Lutterworth College prom and man was it a good night! Everyone was in the mood to get their party on as it was the end of exams and it was amazing to have the whole school out in one night.

Me and warmed up at my house with a few Sols and some spicy pasta, then went to catch the bus, which we missed.

Eventually we got the bus and met Greg, we got off in town and walked to The Highcross for cheap drinks, here things began to get messy...

So by the time we left The Highcross we had many Jagerbombs and a pitcher each under our belts. So many funny comments whilst we were there but I don't think anyone could really remember then due to the level of alcohol consumption. Then began the epic walk to the Walkers Stadium...

Along the walk we met some men in kayaks who I told to do a barrell roll, however they did not barrell roll. We rediscovered the joys of that sticky grass stuff and me and Daley were almost sick. The walk however was too epic and we turned up 20 minutes late much to the amusment/distain of the rest of the school.

So a few poses, dodgy looks and headlocks later the prom was over and we headed out to Life. Once again we had an epic journey, running from the Walkers to Life singing "Lads On Tour".

In Life I bumped into a few heroes...

Things got real messy.

Thursday, 18 June 2009


Today I completed my last A2 exam, it was not the extatic rush of energy I had anticipated, more of a subtle relief.
However the end of exams signals the commencing of the summer of mad partying.
Also today Kayleigh went on holiday, I'm going to miss her for the next two weeks but I'm going to try and have a good time anyway as I hope she will be doing the same.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Today I did my last exam in Biology. I was going to say "last exam ever" but judging on the way it went I may be staring down the barrell of the retakes gun. Besides I'm doing Biotechnology at university anyway.
Tomorrow is D-Day, the last Chemistry exam ever (hopefully). Then a summer of partying will commence.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


I like this song:
It's called Iron Man and it's by GTRONIC.


Thom Daley and myself.

A1 Bassline

Jamie Hives.

BOY KID CLOUD, Ladies Wiggle it Mandem Rep'

Myself and Lezzle.

James Barr, Jack Boulton.